Monday, September 01, 2014

better buses - what would you like to see?

For the majority of residents in the eastern suburbs buses are the only form of public transport.

With limited access to fixed rail services, buses provide a critical connection for people and allow access to the places they want to go for work, school or entertainment.

Unfortunately the bus network has not received the funding needed to allow the increased services needed by people in the east.

Even the Auditor General has noted that the network suffers from a lack of co-ordination, poor span of hours, poor reliability and insufficient days of operation.

With a State election set for November this year, the ETC is concerned that neither the Napthine Government or the Opposition have a plan to improve bus services.

That’s why we are campaigning for Better Buses and we need your help.

Fill in this short Better Buses survey and tell us about the improvements you would like to see.

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