Monday, September 08, 2014

sherbrooke plants more seeds

A program educating young children about sustainable living as been named a finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards

Seedlings: Sustainability in the Early Years has been developed and piloted by five Councils, including the Yarra Ranges.

Preschool Development Officer Claire Rock said the program integrated sustainability into everyday activities that children and their families were engaged with.

“It helps them see sustainability as a way of life,” she said.

The Seedlings framework helps educators meet the national learning frameworks that govern early years.

It has involved 60 services including maternal and child health centres, playgroups, Family Day Care, long day care, preschools and integrated services across Yarra Ranges, Knox City Council, City of Port Philip, City of Melbourne and Alpine Shire Government.
Earlier days at Sherbrooke Children's Centre, I've
long been a strong supporter of children and
children's services, such great news that SCC
has made the finalists list.

Sherbrooke Family and Children’s Centre was one of Yarra Ranges 12 services who participated in the Seedlings Pilot.  Through the program Sherbrooke implemented a range of sustainable practices such as a permaculture make over with 70 fruit trees planted in the children’s playspace, implementation of a compostable nappy system and introduction of a worm farm and clothing swap initiatives.

Yarra Ranges councillor Samantha Dunn said the program aimed to broaden participant understanding that sustainability was more than just the “green stuff”. 

“It’s a wholistic approach focusing on all aspects of sustainability including social, environmental, political, economic and cultural,” Cr Dunn said.

“It helps children develop skills for the future including systems thinking, resilience, problem solving, critical thinking, risk assessment, participation, advocacy and leadership.

“We are proud this innovative program has been nominated.”

The winners of the Premier’s Sustainability Awards will be named on Thursday 2 October.

The full list of nominees is available online here.

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