Thursday, July 06, 2006

Feeding wildlife - when will we learn?

I never cease to be amazed that people still think its okay to feed wildlife. Take our very own Grants Picnic Ground in Sherbrooke Forest. There is a continual stream of tourists feeding cockatoos, rosellas and galahs in the grounds. The feeding of this wildlife results in a dependence on food sources supplied by people rather than natural sources. The oversupply of this food also results in increased levels of vermin in the forest.

Feeding wildlife results in a change of population which has consequences for other plants and animals in the forest. I can remember a time when Grants Picnic Ground was full of Crimson Rosellas and Galahs, you'd never see a Cockatoo. The cockatoo population has exploded and has changed the natural balance of wildlife in this part of the forest.

What really surprises me is that it is not against the law to feed wildlife, when will the Flora and Fauna Act be changed so this damaging, outdated, ill-informed practice can stop forever. Sherbrooke Forest is under the jurisdiction of Parks Victoria, if you think feeding wildlife should be stopped for good write to your local pollie:
James Merlino (Monbulk)
Tammy Lobato (Gembrook)
Heather McTaggart (Evelyn)
Ben Hardman (Seymour)

See these birds in their natural habitat - eating left over food in the car park at Grants Picnic Ground - Dandenong Ranges National Park.


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