Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Greens are not preferencing Libs or Nats in any seat

Any suggestion that the Greens are preferencing the Liberals or Nationals anywhere is entirely false.

Despite anything that might be in the media, or in any garbled reports you may receive, the Greens are NOT recommending preferences to the Liberals (or Nationals) in any seats. We ARE recommending a preference to the ALP in the vast majority of the marginals that matter, and in most other seats.

In some seats, we will leave it to the voters' choice, by providing a split or open ticket that allows them to Vote Green and then preference whichever major party they choose.

In the Upper House we have already determined to provide all preferences to like-minded parties first, then Labor, then the Conservatives, then the candidates with the most extremely opposed position to The Greens.

By contrast, the ALP has preferenced the so-called Country Alliance ahead of the Greens. This Party is essentially a Shooters-and-Loggers Party.

Anyone who expresses any doubts about Greens preferences should be referred to the Greens website where the whole set of lower house tickets is available:


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