Thursday, May 28, 2009

budget 09/10

report from the roundtable - 26th may
The budget for 2009/10 was endorsed by council for public exhibition. This year's budget is a responsible yet progressive budget. It is framed around jobs and our local economy. The budget includes many exciting key community major projects throughout the Shire but also focuses on basic infrastructure needs such as footpaths and roads too.

The budget is framed with a backdrop of the most devastating tragic event in Yarra Ranges, the February bushfires.

It mirrors the actions of the Federal and State governments in that it is focused on building things, creating jobs and supporting communities in a difficult economic time.

It goes a long way to addressing the infrastructure gaps in the Shire and includes long overdue emphasis on issues such as weeds, an issue that is raised constantly by my constituency.

I think the Shire has dropped the ball on weeds in the past and it is good to see that this budget has significant amounts and new programs to address this most urgent and pressing issue. I hope by putting our money where our mouth is, it will provide a bit of leverage and see other levels of government coming to the party on weeds in Yarra Ranges. It must also be remembered that increased programs results in increased local employment opportunities too.

It's an exciting budget, progressive in its aims and it will certainly deliver positive outcomes for our community.

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