Saturday, May 02, 2009

join me for afternoon tea

I welcome you to join me for an afternoon tea at the Lilydale Library where, as Chairperson of the Eastern Regional Libraries Board, I will be thanking CFA - Region 13 for their great work during the recent bushfires.

Donations raised through the libraries and a week of late fines will be donated to the CFA - Region 13 to say thankyou for the CFA's great work during the recent bushfires.

The ERL Board thought it was really important to recognise the outstanding efforts of the CFA Brigades and decided to donate funds raised through the library network to Region 13. The CFA's efforts remind us of the immense contribution they and all volunteers make, in helping our communities through difficult and traumatic times.

Where: Lilydale Library, Anderson Street, Lilydale
When: Thursday 7th May, 2:30pm

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