Friday, June 12, 2009

being public about public transport

I’ve spent a lot of time focussing on public transport of late. In my new role as chair of the Eastern Transport Coalition I’ve been busy chatting to MPs and advisors about upcoming activities planned by the ETC as part of our advocacy efforts for the community in the East.

So far I’ve spoken to Melanie Starr & Andrew Korr (Minister for Public Transport, Lynne Kosky’s advisors), David Hodgett (MP for Kilsyth), Terry Mulder (Shadow Minister for Public Transport ), James Merlino (MP for Monbulk and Minister for Sport, Recreation, Youth Affairs), Richard Dalla-Riva (MLC for Eastern Metro Region) with a planned meeting with Christine Fyffe (MP for Evelyn) in the near future.

Me and Davey Heller at the Public Transport Forum at Selby Community House.

Earlier this week I joined with Davey Heller to speak at a public transport forum at Selby Community House. Davey put forward a good case as to why a critical and important service such as public transport should be in public ownership not privatised as it currently is.

Back in March 2007 the Yarra Ranges Council supported the “Link Up Melbourne” campaign which sought to restore public control over public transport, as part of that campaign the Yarra Ranges Council signed an open letter to The Premier and the Minister for Public Transport calling for an end to privatisation of the train and tram services (see blog).

I spoke about the current research the shire has undertaken in relation to public transport, the research is being used to inform our key advocacy platform for the shire. From the research these key critical advocacy priorities were developed.

Improved bus services in Yarra Ranges - Advocate for:
An increase in frequency of bus services across all routes
An extension of hours of operation for bus services across all routes
An increase in the number of express services
An increase in State Government funding to upgrade all buss stops and shelters across the Shire.

Improved Train Services in Yarra Ranges - Advocate for:
Significant improvements to public safety at all train stations and on board all trains at all times of the day
An increase of car parking facilities at all train stations in the Shire, in particular at the key locations of Lilydale, Belgrave and Mooroolbark, in particular the Shire should seek State Government funding for a feasibility of and design for the installation of a parking deck over the existing car park at the Belgrave train station.
An increase in frequency of train services on both the Belgrave and Lilydale lines

I also spoke about the activities of the ETC, the upcoming second round of workshops for the Bus Services review, issues around social and transport equity and the role of public activism. I also touched on the broader issues of climate change and peak oil. It’s great to talk at these local forums, it’s a good opportunity to have some genuine in depth conversation with community members about something they're passionate about.

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