Friday, August 07, 2009

governor in yarra ranges

This week saw the Governor of Victoria, Professor David De Kretsner visit Yarra Ranges. The Governor went on an extensive tour of Yarra Ranges taking in many parts of the Shire.

Me and Steve Meacher of C4, Steve works tirelessly on raising awareness about Climate Change through his involvement with Communities Combating Climate Crisis, C4.

Coral Jeffs, Coordinator of Southern Ranges Environment Alliance and me. SREA is a group whose focus is working on environmental assets along the Puffing Billy corridor.

A civic reception was held on Thursday night, a cross section of the community were there as special guests, including volunteers, emergency service workers and community leaders.

Me pictured with Clare Worsnop. Clare is Yarra Ranges Environmental Achiever of the Year, 2008. She is passionate about the environment and has a special interest in owls, particularly the Powerful Owls who nest in Mt Evelyn.

It was a great night, community members enjoying the opportunity to talk to the Governor about their passion in Yarra Ranges.

From Left to right: Jackie Glen - Friends of Selby Conservation Reserve, Julie Howard - 50kph in Selby campaigner, Robyn Bowker - Friends of Monbulk Creek, Belgrave Lake Section and me. A fine group of dedicated women, passionate about their cause and prepared to put in the effort to affect change and make our world a better place to live.

I had the very great pleasure of accompanying the Governor and Mrs De Kretsner on a tour of the Birdsland Education Centre and Burrinja. The Governor was very interested in the Learning for Sustainability education program run by the shire out of Birdsland and saw first hand the students of Belgrave Heights Christian School learn about the water cycle.

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