Tuesday, January 05, 2010

cockatoo clean up for kallista

Kallista community members will be familiar with the cockatoo damage wrought on the Kallista Village Green (see blog) and throughout the township last year.

I’m pleased to see that work has commenced on replacing all the damaged bollards on site at the village green as well as additional landscaping improvements as well. The wooden bollards have been replaced with recycled plastic bollards. The new bollards contain waste sawdust as well, making them stronger and more natural looking too. I’m assured by cockatoo experts that the birds will get no joy when trying to chew the recycled plastic bollards and the bollards should be able to withstand any attempts by cockatoos to chew them to bits.

To the left the new bollards, to the right a couple of very chewed bollards. The new recycled plastic bollards are a welcome replacement to the chewed wooden ones. Cockatoos did an amazing amount of damage to every wooden bollard on the village green and didn't stop there, the community house and mechanics hall also got a beating.

Last year I called for an investigation into the next best move for council to address the ongoing issue of the cockatoo chew (see
blog). In the interim I have worked with the DSE and council officers to develop an information flyer about the pitfalls of feeding wildlife, in particular cockatoos. I funded the printing of the flyer through my ward fund late last year.

I have been working on securing funding for the flyer distribution which is now possible via the Shire so they will be making their way to residents across the Dandenongs in the near future.

Council will soon be considering a report on the where to from here with cockatoos, watch this space for more info….

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