Monday, February 22, 2010

save the gorilla comes to a library near you

As part of the ERL’s commitment to sustainability the library network is supporting Melbourne Zoo’s Save the Gorilla Campaign by collecting old mobile phones.

Every mobile phone contains the metal Coltan, this metal is mined from Gorilla habitat in the Congo River Basin. The mining of Coltan is contributing to forest loss and unrest in the region and is accelerating the loss of mountain gorillas at an alarming rate.

Each time you recycle your mobile phone the need to mine Coltan is reduced, not only that you are diverting your old phone from ending up in landfill and you will help Melbourne Zoo raise money to support the Jane Goodall Institute’s primate conservation work in Africa.

So remember, the next time you renew your mobile phone, recycle your old phone at your local library. Where is your local library? Click
here to find out.

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