Sunday, April 18, 2010

multistorey retirement village for kilsyth?

report from the roundtable – 14 apr

Council had to consider an application for a 55 unit retirement village in Kilsyth. The applicant had lodged a ‘failure to determine’ at VCAT, which means council took longer than the 60 days allowed to assess the application and make a decision. This is not uncommon with complex applications.

The proposed building was enormous, it was completely out of character with the area and at 5 levels, it represented an absolute overdevelopment of the site.

There was in inherent tragedy in refusing this application, the Shire so desperately needs retirement villages and aged care facilities. But when the neighbours are confronted with a building that stands at its highest at 11.02 metres and some of the suggestions to address overlooking include 2.8mt high fences, it is obvious that there is too much on this site and this development does not take account of its location or its neighbourhood.

Councillors were unanimous in their refusal of this big and bulky building for Kilsyth.

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