Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mission impossible turns 12

It was terrific to join the wonderful staff and visitors at Mission Impossible to celebrate 12 years of service to the community. To mark the occasion local cafe, Reel Cafe, made a birthday cake for all to enjoy (and have done so for many years).

Celebrating 12 years of care and compassion at Mission Impossible in the Tin Shed, Belgrave.

Mission Impossible has been providing hot meals to those who are disadvantaged or homeless in our community for the past 12 years. The team are dedicated to helping the needy and do a great job of it.

In March last year I funded the
installation of a shower for people to use at Mission Impossible. There are many people in our community who are either homeless or don't have access to hot running water, the shower is a practical way to assist. It's proved to be a valuable addition to Mission Impossible's services, with it being used every day by up to 5 people a day.

Well done to Mission Impossible, your work is truly appreciated by many in our community including me.


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