Monday, January 24, 2011

flora and fauna strategy - extension

Back in November 2010 I reported that the Shire's draft Flora and Fauna Strategy was out for comment. It's a difficult time to release documents for comment as it's the lead up to Christmas, it was for that reason that council put an extended period of consultation on the strategy.

A number of people have contacted the shire concerned about the short timelines so council will be extending the timeline for feedback (the formal vote will take place tomorrow night). If you'd like to comment you now have until 4th March to get your submissions in.

Some of you may have read comments in the local press that the strategy is "a balance between human life and flora and fauna". In my view protection and safety of human life is paramount, there is no question of balance.

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At 10:36 PM, Anonymous John Mack said...

You are right, Cr Dunn - this is not a question of balance but one of protection of human life and lifestyle above all else. There is nothing evil about choosing exotic plants above native or indigenous species, and history has shown that deciduous trees are an effective and energy efficient means of coping with Australia's weather extremes - shade in summer, light and warmth in winter as an example.

I support fully the use of public or crown lands to provide habitat and movement corridors but do not support any Council policies or strategies that restrict what can be grown or removed on private land.

Many people choose exotic plants and at the same time provide nesting boxes for fauna knowing that trees with suitable nesting hollows are in short supply. They enjoy the balance that combining the old and the new can provide.

Council should look carefully at restricting or banning environmentally damaging recreational activities including trail bike riding in State forests and parks rather than trying to control what is planted or removed by individuals on their own land. This sort of activity causes extensive erosion that destroys both plant and animal habitats and causes native animal species untiold stress through noise.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Jim Child said...

I applaud Cr Dunn in making this important statement on her blog site and at the Shire of Yarra Ranges council meeting last Tuesday night.
This conservation "balance" culture that council officers have in regard to human safety and the enhancement of indigenous native flora & fauna in public and populated areas of the shire must change.
Well done Sam.


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