Wednesday, March 16, 2011

monbulk soccer - come and have a look

A second community information session for the proposed Monbulk Regional Soccer facility will be held at the Monbulk Living and Learning Centre (the new hub) on Tuesday 22nd March.

Landscape master plans will be displayed so community members can get a better idea of what is being proposed on site.

People will also have the chance to give feedback to council on the proposal - we want to hear what you think.

Here I am celebrating with the Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club. The Monbulk Rangers are one of the fastest growing, largest clubs in Melbourne. Junior and women's participation is off the scales, it's great for soccer but we need facilities to cater for soccer's popularity.

The proposed Soccer facility will feature a pavillion, three full size synthetic pitches and one full sized grass pitch, a training pitch, lighting, car parking and an access road.

Council has allocated $4million towards stage one of the project. At it's meeting on the 22nd February, 2011 council noted a report on the project, you can read more here. The federal government has also allocated $2million to the project.

Soccer has grown exponentially in the region and proper facilities are well overdue. The local club has over 600 members and fields over 40 teams, putting great pressure on existing grounds which haven't been built to sustain these levels of use.

If you're interested in learning more you can visit the Monbulk Living and Learning Centre (21 Main Rd, Monbulk) from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on Tuesday 22nd March.

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