Friday, May 20, 2011

drers need your help

Earlier this week I visited the Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service to talk about a whole range of issues. I am always inspired by the people who bring this service to disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our community. They are committed to assisting people and volunteer countless hours doing so.

Pictured left to right: Eddie - Volunteer, Tania Bevan - DRERS Manager, Cr Samantha Dunn - Lyster Ward and Bob - Volunteer in front of one of the DRERS pantry food storage areas.

DRERS are currently fundraising to purchase a van to assist with their food collections from the Victorian Food Bank. At the moment staff and volunteers are using their own vehicles but there's severe limitations due to the size of their cars and issues around insurance.

I'd urge any of you with some spare funds to contribute to DRERS. DRERS will also be fundraising as part of the Belgrave Lantern Parade, be sure to look out for them.

If you'd like to contribute send your donation to:
Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service Inc
1632 Burwood Highway
Belgrave VIC 3160

or call them on 9754 7777.

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