Monday, August 27, 2012

time to get on board again

It's nearly time to get back on board the No Maccas express, the appeal for McDonalds in Tecoma will recommence at VCAT on Monday 3rd of September and is scheduled for 2 days (Mon 3 and Tues 4).

No Maccas in the Hills are coordinating the No Maccas Express, departs Belgrave Station at 8:31am (last carriage), might see you on board.

The hearings commence 10am daily and VCAT is located at 55 King Street, Melbourne.

You can find out campaign info at the No Maccas in the Hills website.

One of our community's more creative submissions, Hambuggery by Joy Serwylo.

by Joy Serwylo

My Daddy drove me up to see
The forest lush and green,
When I was just a babe in arms
And hardly even weaned.
He held me in his arms and sang
And showed me birds and trees.
He marvelled at the grandeur
Of the forest in the breeze.
Though I was far too young to know
He wanted me to feel,
How precious was this lovely place
How sacred and surreal.

Well, I grew up but always longed
for forests rich and green.
To live where good folk knew my name,
To breathe air fresh and clean.
To share in a community,
Believe in what is good.
To put my faith in honesty
And do the best I could.
And part of that, is cherishing
The gifts that we’ve been given.
Not always wanting greater, bigger,
Always being driven.

We’re just a little village
And we don’t want huge and tall,
We don’t need fast food megamarts
Or fancy shopping malls.
We don’t want yellow lights all night
With all their advertising.
Or that awful black box building
Spewing out those fast food wrappings
We’re fighting rampant urban sprawl
And cooperate domination,
That says to us that “we need this”
But feels like strangulation.
And all that extra traffic
Clogging up our little roads.
If we’d had really thought it out
We’d never have cane toads.

Well, its clear I am no poet,
I’m an artist, I just paint.
And the reason that I live up there
Is that its never changed.
Now, I understand there’s “progress”,
And there’s “moving up and on”.
But mega modern fast food joints
Don’t fit our sleepy town.
Tecoma’s far from perfect,
Its a cute and small and neat.
A tourist spot, a family place
A holiday retreat.
Please let our hometown stay the way
that we want it to be,
Without a truckstop mega drivethru
huge hamburgery.

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