Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Dandenongs, the sustainable place to shop

It is great to see the opening of another sustainable business in the hills. Over the past few years many small businesses have sprung up offering our community organic produce and products, clothing, free range meats and local organic eateries, shaping our region as a true organic hub.

The certified organic/sustainable market is growing considerably with demand for goods higher than production and this is reflected by the growth and vigour of these businesses in our region. (Growth in Australian organic production is estimated at 15% to 25% pa. Continuing growth is expected because of strong domestic demand and because Australia is in a good position to supply expanding markets overseas, particularly in Asia. - source: Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation)

The organic hub of the hills has been further enhanced by the opening of Local and Global in Belgrave, the first fair trade store in our region. I think there is a real marketing opportunity to capitalise on as we have so many sustainable businesses clustered in one region.

It's terrific to see so many businesses throughout the shire making sustainability their focus.


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