Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Importance of the Green Wedge

The Shire had some applications outside the Urban Growth Boundary causing me concern as we were asking the Planning Minister to amend the planning scheme to accomodate the applications. My view on Green Wedge is very rigid, these zones were put in place to protect and enhance the biodiversity, natural resources, scenic landscapes and heritage values of the land and to promote sustainable land management.

I felt the new council would have a different view about applications in Green Wedge areas than the prior council. So I put the following motion:

That Council write to the Minister for Planning confirming its strong support for the consistent adherence to the Urban Growth Boundary and Green Wedge principles.

Accordingly Council advise the Minister for Planning that it no longer supports him proceeding to authorise it to prepare and exhibit planning scheme amendments in respect of:
Ÿ Land at 134 Victoria Road Lilydale to be used for a funeral parlour.
Ÿ Land at 89 – 91 Monbulk Road Mount Evelyn to be used for a 2600 (sic) seat auditorium and associated church related facilities.

Furthermore, in respect of the request to amend the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme to use and develop land at 38 Bell Street, Yarra Glen for a supermarket and specialty shops, that Council wishes to advise the Minister that it still proceed with the exhibition of the amendment but will require that the exhibited proposal is fully contained within the Urban Growth Boundary.

I'm pleased to report that a majority of councillors supported the motion and by doing so council sent a clear message about how important Green Wedge is.

I have been overwhelmed by the letters of support and kind words from constituents in relation to my stand on Green Wedge, the response from the community confirms that this is what they want for our Shire.


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