Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Make your vote work for you

All of a sudden the mainstream political parties are jumping on board the climate change train, the power of public pressure never ceases to amaze me, well done to everyone who has highlighted the issue to our pollies. Of course the Greens have always had policies in place to address global warming because the Greens understand how critical the issue is and the Greens actually care about a long term future for us on the planet.

The mainstream parties are making noises now about climate change, but are they genuine, why is it that its only an issue now there's an election in the wind? If they were really concerned they would already be taking real action on climate change, not allowing the logging of water catchments or propping up of the dirtiest coal fired power station - Hazelwood.
Make sure when you cast your vote on the 25th November that you vote Greens 1 in the upper and lower house, because I know you care about the planet as much as I do.


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