Wednesday, August 09, 2006

GE Fiesta

Monday saw the start of the huge state sponsored biotech conference ABIC, I'm happy to report that only 360 of the reported 1000 delegates turned up, perhaps the delegates are turning the corner when it comes to GMOs??

The Greens on the steps of the GPO, where the fiesta kicked off with speeches by Jessica Hampson, myself and Bob Phelps from GeneEthics.

How would you feel if you found out that chickens which are claimed to be GMO free were more than likely raised on a diet of genetically modified soy beans?

Protesters make sure the ABIC conference delegates know the community rejects GMOs.

"We all know that GM crops mean the use of more chemicals, reduced yields and that GE cannot coexist with organic producers. GMOs are only about large profits for the few."

"Consumers are walking away in droves, the people of the Yarra Ranges will continue to oppose this frivolous trial. We are outraged by the arrogance and disrespect shown to us (by Florigene) and we will continue to fight to get back our GE free Shire."


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