Wednesday, October 10, 2007

housing strategy - have your say

I am very disappointed by comments from some in the local press about the intent of the draft housing strategy. I am not going to get into the nitty gritty of the strategy here, I urge you to find out more by visiting

The draft housing strategy is out there for public comment. As the community representative it is my job to ensure that the community are given the opportunity to have their say. It is not a fait accompli, a done deal, a final document - it is a work in progress in the public realm so the public have a chance to have their say.

Would those quoted in the press rather council did not seek the views of the community, that there was no opportunity to comment - I think not.

I am not interested in censorship, suppression or lack of consultation, there is no need to "have a fight", informed and rational arguments go a lot further than scaremongering and inflammatory remarks.

I urge you to have your say, but don't be mislead by sensationalist tactics by some in our community. It is not that council is "brave" in releasing the draft strategy for comment, we are committed to seeking the views of our community.

I am very interested in what our community thinks and can assure you I will be representing your interests.



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