Friday, May 18, 2007

the supermarket application

An article that appeared in the local press described councils deliberations on a supermarket application for Mt Evelyn as pithy soundbites, see

However, there was much more I said about the application, I think it went well beyond a soundbite, what I actually said (among other things) was:
the application;
  1. does not reflect the characteristics of the town
  2. does not meet the standards or design objectives of the proposed DDO
  3. does nothing to enhance the local urban character
  4. is excessive and incompatible in a low scale residential context
  5. I urge you to support the motion to refuse this most dreadful application

There was a lot of discussion about this application, the speaker supporting the application, Mr Jeff Bailey, suggested that as a response to climate change we should support the application. Climate change is complicated, it is well known that large supermarket chains purchase their perishable foods from all over the world, fruit and vegetables can travel thousands of kilometres, this is not a good response to address climate change.

It's very easy to pull out the climate change card and use it for your own ends, but doing this needs very careful consideration, it is a very complex matter.


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