Saturday, August 23, 2008

display not so flash

This week I met with a concerned resident from Tecoma about an application for a liquor licence at 1571 Burwood Highway, Tecoma, the old site of Flash Car Care.
Although the resident was concerned about the merits of the application, of equal concern was the display of the application notice.

View from the footpath, the notice is set back too far to read or observe from the path.

The guidelines are clear and Liquor Licensing Commission states “The notice must be displayed in a manner that invites public attention to the application on its main street frontage of the site or premises in a visible position and at eye level.

Naturestrip in the foreground, a very challenging site, but residents have a right to know what's happening.

In this instance I accept that the location for the sign placement may be due to site constraints, however, the site has poles located near the footpath as well as fences/walls on each of the boundaries and permission could have been sought to display notice of application there rather than on the front window which is set back quite some distance from the footpath.

It is my view that the community are not even aware of this application and they do have the right to be informed and aware.

I have written to the Director of the Liquor Licensing Commission expressing my concern and asking for an extension of time for submissions by residents and have asked if the applicant can explore alternative opportunities to display the notice of application.

It is important that all application notices (whether it be for liquor licensing, planning applications or anything else for that matter) are well within the public view. This may seem trivial but the community has a right to know what is planned for its town and it has a right to respond.

How it should be done, prominent position, fluoro colour so people 'notice the notice'

(the current application for the Belgrave Public Toilets).

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