Wednesday, August 13, 2008

report from the roundtable 12th August

The Burrinja Application.

Although there were many agenda items at last night's council meeting this edition of report from the roundtable will focus solely on the Burrinja application.

The application was for the Use and Development of a 400 Seat Auditorium; in plain English, a performing arts centre space on the Burrinja site in Upwey.


The development includes the construction of a 400 seat auditorium, backstage facilities including dressing rooms, toilets and green room to accommodate up to 200 performers, improved foyer and staff amenities.

I seconded the motion to support the application. There is no doubt that over the years the possibility of this project has waxed and waned. There has been considerable angst about the sell off of the site, securing council funding, securing state funding, securing, losing then re-securing federal funding. All very significant hurdles our community has had to negotiate in order to see their aspirations delivered.

In speaking to the motion I said “It is a key cultural facility much beloved by our community. No one in the Shire of Sherbrooke was happy about the amalgamations and at the time the sale of this community asset was not negotiable. It has been a long battle to keep the site, but not only just to keep it, but use it to link community and the arts.


There is a very stringent list of conditions attached to the permit which will ensure responsible management of the site......

We must remember that Burrinja reaches out to the disadvantaged in our community, to those on the fringe and connects community through the arts.

I don’t want our kids to travel off the mountain to go to cultural events, I don’t want our Mums and Dads to travel off the mountain to go to cultural events. It’s a vibrant arts centre that supports local artists and arts in the local community. I urge councillors to support this motion.”


Resolved on the motion of Crs Cliff and Dunn
A Division was called.
For: Cllrs Cliff, Heenan, Warren, Smith, Dunn, Keane and McRae
The vote in favour was unanimous.


These images are a reflection of the broad community use of Burrinja. From art exhibitions, to public meetings, citizenship ceremonies to theatre, young songwriter performance to public art, already Burrinja is a thriving and vibrant community cultural centre.

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