Wednesday, October 15, 2008

report from the round table – 14th October

Report from the roundtable is my regular blog entry to update you on the proceedings at council meetings. I know that it’s not that easy for my constituents to get to Lilydale to see council in operation for themselves and this is just a small way I can give an insight into the goings on at council.

This week it was a packed agenda with the meeting going very late into the night. In this edition of report from the round table I’m going to report back specifically on local Lyster Ward matters.

Ted Heron at the Belgrave CFA Annual Awards night accepting his 55 year service medal.

First up was the presentation of a letter under seal to Ted Heron of the Belgrave CFA. It is a small token of our thanks in recognition of his contribution and Ted was modest in acknowledging his presentation. Earlier this year Ted reached his 55 years service with the CFA, an outstanding achievement. Ted has made a significant and long lasting contribution to our community and is worthy recipient of a letter under seal from council.

Next up locally was the Belgrave Main Street Toilet redevelopment. Anyone who currently uses the toilets knows they are well past their use by date. There were some concerns about the original plans but after the planning consultation meeting with residents, the Shire and a safety officer from the Victoria Police, the toilets had a far better redesign. The toilets will now consist of dedicated female, male and a unisex all abilities toilet in a much safer configuration. I for one can’t wait for the new toilets, the redevelopment is well overdue and will serve not only the local community and our tourists well.

The next local issue was approval of funding of $3,000 to construct a shower facility at the Tin Shed in Belgrave. In conversations I’ve had with emergency relief providers it seems there is a desperate local need for shower facilities for people experiencing homelessness. Currently the closest public shower is located in Wantirna and only open on Fridays between 9am and midday which is a great impost on people of the Dandenong Ranges who are already struggling with homelessness. It is a simple and basic need that I was happy to support from my ward fund and I was pleased that councillors supported my request to have the shower installed.

Children get enormous pleasure from growing (and eating) vege's straight from the garden. A vegetable garden is a great learning experience for children in so many ways.

Lastly was approval of funding of $2,236 for the installation of a water tank at the Tecoma Pre School. The preschool contacted me to see if I could help them with their water tank project. It is their intention for the children to use the water on their vege patch and garden and teach the children the value of water conservation. It is a project of great merit in these times of water scarcity and a valuable learning tool for the children.

Did you know that all members of the public are welcome to attend any council meeting, if you’d like to know more contact me on

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At 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work, Samantha. Little local projects contribute immeasurably to local liveability.


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