Sunday, December 21, 2008

5% target, who are you trying to kid?

The announcement of the federal government’s 5% - 15% target for greenhouse gas emission reduction by 2020 is an environmental catastrophe.

Current climate scientists are all advocating for cuts in the order of 20 to 25% by 2020. We hear ‘we can’t afford it’, but climate doesn’t care about economics.

Yarra Ranges Shire Council greenhouse gas emission reduction targets are:
30% reduction in corporate emissions by 2010 based on 2000 levels
20% reduction in community emissions by 2010 based on 1996 levels
and we are Australia’s first carbon neutral municipality.

We take climate change seriously.

5% is a joke and leaves Australia in a precarious position. In a time where we need to see leadership on the most urgent and pressing issue facing us, we have seen a response that fails not only us but our children and their children.

I am disappointed, I have spoken to many in our community who are equally disappointed and you have good reason to be, this announcement has shown how easily this government has folded to pressure from the big polluters.

As a response to the announcement, Green’s Senators have drafted terms of reference for a Senate Inquiry into the 5% emissions reduction target.

The Inquiry, to be moved in the first sitting week of the new year, will examine the scientific adequacy of the 5% target in avoiding catastrophic climate change of more than 2 degrees warming, and whether the target does enough to play a fair and responsible part in global climate action. This will give scientists from across Australia and around the world the opportunity to advise on how much Australia will need to do to prevent catastrophic climate change.

I look forward to seeing its progression.

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