Saturday, January 24, 2009

tecoma supermarket update

Earlier this week I was updated on the application for the Tecoma Supermarket by our planning department.

I am able to confirm that the applicant has taken the matter to VCAT for what’s known as a ‘Failure to Determine’. This is not an uncommon practice for large and complex applications.

There is a statutory time frame of 60 days for council to decide on a planning application. If an application isn’t decided in this time applicants can go to VCAT for a decision. A large and complicated application will often take longer than the statutory 60 day period to determine.

Me at the site of the proposed supermarket in Tecoma.

As part of the assessment process council must refer the application to various ‘referral authorities’, for example: Melbourne Water, CFA, Vic Roads, etc. To date council has not received a response from Vic Roads on this application, this is causing the application to be held up and not proceed to council.

As soon as council receives the referral from Vic Roads a report will come to council so a decision can be made on the application. Watch this space or for more information as it comes to hand.

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