Sunday, February 08, 2009

emergency relief in healesville

Today I attended two community meetings called by the CFA, the first in Healesville, the second in Yarra Junction. Representatives from the Shire, CFA, Police, DSE and DHS were there, along with approximately 500 community members at each meeting. The meeting were held in response to the fires through the Yarra Valley and the Upper Yarra regions of the Shire.

An Emergency Relief Centre has been set up at the Healesville Memorial Hall for those people who have evacuated their homes or need assistance. It will remain open until further notice, last night around 80 people stayed at the hall.

The Shire is meeting with the DHS and local agencies to coordinate services for community members who are affected. Services include counselling, accommodation, bedding, food, assistance with Centrelink services and financial support. The Healesville Emergency Relief Centre will provide a one stop service and provide advice and relief for those who have suffered.

Hot showers are available at the Healesville pool and the Healesville RSL and towels, soap and toothbrushes will be available. Cold showers are available at Queens Park.

Animal Aid in Coldstream have opened their doors to deal with animals in distress and the Lilydale Showgrounds are available for community members who want to store their horses/horse floats, cattle/cattle trucks, etc.

There is a team at the Healesville Emergency Relief Centre to provide emergency assistance including grants through the DHS. If you are in need please go the Healesville Memorial Hall Emergency Relief Centre where the team will be able to help you.

Healesville Emergency Relief Centre
Healesville Memorial Hall
Main Street Healesville
MEL REF 270 C12

My thanks go out to all those volunteers who have contributed their time towards dealing with this emergency. They are doing a terrific job and their efforts are very much appreciated.

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