Sunday, February 01, 2009

new slant on plants

The Shire of Yarra Ranges is releasing three fantastic online publications on local plants of the Shire.

Yarra Ranges Local Plant Directory
This is a great resource featuring fact sheets for more than 900 species of plants occurring in the Shire. The fact sheets are easy to read with lots of useful information and photos of most plants to allow for species identification. The directory makes it very easy to select the right plant for your garden and contains useful links to plant communities across the Shire.

Yarra Ranges Plant Communities Directory
If you want to know what used to grow in your area or what still does grow in your area, this is the directory for you. It contains descriptions of the vegetation communities in the shire and includes a list of plants which occurred in that region as well as a list of generally available plants.

Street Tree Directory
A handy directory of fact sheets on reliable trees for streetscape and landscape planting. Information in this directory includes likelihood of damage to drains and impact on overhead cables, it even includes advice on which trees may hold up to strong winds better.

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