Monday, March 23, 2009

belgrave heights christian school thriving

Today I went to the official opening of the Belgrave Heights Christian School Student Discovery Centre, VCE Centre and Computer lab. It is an impressive new building, made possible with Federal Government funding, but even more notable was the commitment of families and teachers and the great sense of community that flows throughout the school.

Part of the official ceremony was a step back in time to hear the history of the school told by those at the forefront of seeing it happen. It was terrific to hear stories from Lyn Thompson, one of the parents 26 years ago who had a vision to start a school in the local area that taught children her values. Joining Lyn to tell the story was her mother Isabel Bell, who was instrumental in starting a Christian School in Sunshine and provided key support and assistance to Lyn in her endeavours.

We then went on to hear Lyn’s daughter Adi contribute her part to the story. The Thompson family went on to give a stirring rendition of the Finn Bros song ‘Wont Give in’. It was quite magical hearing the family sing together.

From humble beginnings the school has grown into a wonderful place for students to embrace learning. In 1989 there were 36 students enrolled, at its lowest point in 1996 the school only had 7 students, but due to the hard work of local families and school councillors enrolments have slowly built up and the school finds itself in the position of offering prep through to Year 12 with 322 students under its wing.

It was terrific to talk to students about their experiences, they clearly love their school and all it offers and have a passion for learning that will hold them in good stead for the future.

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