Monday, April 06, 2009

selby folk club turns 30

Friday night saw the celebration of 30 years of Selby Folk Club. The club organised a performance extravaganza at Burrinja which saw acts such as Leigh Sloggett, Peter York, Ange Takats, David Ross Macdonald and The Undesirables all perform. It was a great night, the place was packed with supporters of Selby Folk Club. It is quite an achievement to get to 30, the club is run totally by unpaid volunteers and to sustain themselves over the past 30 years is a real feather in their cap.

The aim of the club has always been the same - encourage local performers by giving them a supportive atmosphere in which to perform, and encourage local residents to come and hear live local music.

I had the pleasure of being 'barrel girl' for the raffle. Alex (pictured with me), gregarious front man for the club, revealed to the audience that he had learnt that the club actually started in 1971 (however it officially started out of Selby Community House in 1978).
I was pleased to be able to sponsor the club to help with their 30th celebrations. The Dandenong Ranges is a community that has a great and broad appreciation across the arts and judging by the turn up on Friday night Selby Folk Club will be around for a long time to come.

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