Sunday, June 07, 2009

the way of the brush - renewal

Today saw the second annual Chan Art Painting Exhibition at Burrinja. The Chan Academy, based in Upwey, continues the ancient tradition of Chan Painting with an Australian flavour. This year’s exhibition, Renewal, was inspired by the Australian Bush and its recovery after the bushfires.

Me with Frank Carter, Director and Anita Carter, Abbott of the Chan Academy/Buddhist Discussion Centre in Upwey.

Chan painting, is based on brushstrokes of the Chinese classics and the applied ethics of Chan Buddhism. The exhibition features two artists from the Academy, Melba Nielsen who practices the Chinese art of Chan and Jan Bennett who practices Sumi-e, a technique brought to China from Japan over 1,500 years ago.

It was a great opening, participants were given the opportunity to try their hand at traditional Chan Painting following a demonstration by Chan artist Melba Nielsen. Melba's years of perfecting her technique makes it look easy, but it's not!

It is a beautiful exhibition, the work is simple, elegant, uncomplicated and peaceful. I encourage you to go along and have a look for yourself. The exhibition is on till 21st June at the Jarmbi Gallery in Burrinja.

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