Thursday, August 27, 2009

free tipping for fire fuel coming soon

report from the roundtable - 25 Aug

On Tuesday night I moved a motion to improve green waste disposal in the shire to facilitate broader and easier disposal of fire fuel. The review of the Shire's green waste services came about from a motion I moved back in February, 2009. Last summer residents in the fire danger areas had to cope with massive amounts of fire fuel with few options to get the fuel off their properties. As a result of Tuesday night's motion residents will be able to take up the option of free tipping for green waste for one month. The free tipping will coincide with the government's cleanup week, starting on the 11th October.

240litre green waste bins are a great way to get rid of fire fuel throughout the summer.
We will also be encouraging residents with small green waste bins to upgrade to the larger bins. I was surprised to learn that many residents who use the green waste service only have small bins, this will provide them with an opportunity to double the capacity at only an additional $15 per year.

The motion was supported unanimously and is a very positive step forward. I think it provides residents with a suite of options to manage fire fuel on their properties. Looking at the data in the report, residents found by far the most successful way to rid their properties of fire fuel was through free tipping arrangements, approved by the Shire earlier this year for the 08/09 fire season.

Those who live in residential bushland or rural areas can also utilise burning off for fire fuel reduction as well as green waste bins and free tipping. I encourage all residents to start now to make sure your property is free of fire fuel. If you want to know what constitutes fire fuel, the CFA has a wealth of information online.
I urge residents to start cleaning up now, I know I am.

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