Thursday, November 12, 2009

mobile coverage for little yarra valley

report from the roundtable – 10th Nov
At this week’s council meeting we had to consider the installation of a 35mt telecommunications pole atop Mt Beenak. Often these applications are refused by council due to amenity and proximity to residential areas or sensitive community facilities.

In this case the pole was a welcome addition to the landscape. Mobile coverage is a rare commodity in the Gilderoy/Powelltown region of the shire. The monopole which will be installed on top of Mt Beenak will provide the Little Yarra Valley with much needed mobile coverage. The pole is well sited in a remote location away from sensitive land uses.

The 35mt slimline monopole will be of great benefit to Gilderoy and the surrounding region, it will be painted grey to blend into the environment, and local residents will get access to nextG mobile coverage as well as the many visitors who occasionally go astray in the region.

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