Sunday, December 13, 2009

I walked amongst many

Saturday saw 40,000 Melburnians come out to participate in Walk Against Warming, I was proud to walk with them. Clearly this is an issue that people want to see action on, with 90,000 people Australia wide participating in Walk Against Warming events.

This is the tail end of the march, people came from far and wide to Walk Against Warming.

Our leaders are currently failing us with no real transition plan for Australia and its community.

Healesville was well represented by HEWI and Understorey Editor, Keiran Martin.

Local secondary school, Sherbrooke Community School supported the walk. Here I am pictured with student Jordan Crooka and Teacher, Davey Heller.

Action on Climate Change is something I will continue to pursue through the Shire of Yarra Ranges. Our reversion back to coal fired electricity was a backwards step for our shire and it is important that our actions go beyond what we currently do. I will be advocating for greater action on climate change. We all have our role to play and so do all tiers of government.

Local Transition Towners from Sherbrooke were out in force.

Get Up are sending hundreds of photos to Copenhagen like this one to urge governments to come back home with a climate treaty. Linda Laos and I were pleased to assist.

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