Thursday, January 14, 2010

burrinja kicks off 2010 with noah symons

Earlier this week I opened the art exhibition Paintings, Drawings & Studies 2005-2009 by local artist Noah Symons at Burrinja in Upwey.

Noah, a local, who draws his inspiration from the hills, is one of our new emerging artists and it was great to see his work hanging at the Burrinja café.

He is multi-talented and does not limit his artistic abilities to the visual arts, he is also an accomplished musician who plays under the moniker
Great Earthquake.

Noah continues the great tradition of hills inspired artists and reinforces the link between the Dandenongs, artists and a place of great creativity.

The Burrinja gallery is somewhat of a construction zone at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped the gallery continuing a terrific program throughout 2010, it is still a great place to visit.

In late 2008 VCAT approved an application for the Use and Development of a 400 Seat Auditorium - in plain English, a performing arts centre space on the Burrinja site.

The $9 million development at Burrinja includes the construction of a 400 seat auditorium, backstage facilities including dressing rooms, toilets and green room to accommodate up to 200 performers, improved foyer and staff amenities.

The Burrinja performing arts centre project is a lesson in never giving up and fighting for what you believe in. Our community has never lost faith in seeing a community cultural centre developed at the Shire of Sherbrooke civic offices.
This is a project that has seen considerable angst over its history, firstly with the proposed sell off of the site, securing council funding, securing state funding, securing, losing then re-securing federal funding. All very significant hurdles our community has negotiated over the last 10 years to see their aspirations delivered.

Burrinja is a key cultural facility much beloved by our community. Burrinja reaches out to the disadvantaged in our community, to those on the fringe and connects community through the arts. Young and old, all have a place at Burrinja.It’s a thriving and vibrant community cultural centre that supports local artists and arts in the local community. It is great to see a huge program for 2010 despite the fact that most of the site is a construction zone!

I encourage you to go and see Noah’s work, pop into the Burrinja Gallery to see some stunning indigenous art and stop for a bite of something in the café too, it’s well worth a visit.

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