Wednesday, January 06, 2010

fitness for belgrave lake

Belgrave Lake Park visitors now have an additional facility to take advantage of when they next visit the park. A new fitness park has been installed providing users with various apparatus to undertake all manner of fitness training. I was keen to see a fitness park installed in the Lyster Ward to enable the local community to enjoy the benefits of these installations.

I noticed the fitness park was being well used by community members in a recent family visit to Belgrave Lake Park. Family members, young and old were enjoying the balance beams, sit up benches and chin up bars. One keen teenager was using the fitness park for a bit of extreme basketball training, utilising the beams and bars as obstacles whilst dribbling his basketball.

The fitness park also provides training apparatus for those in wheelchairs.

It’s great to see new facilities embraced by the community in one of Belgrave’s most scenic parklands.

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