Thursday, September 02, 2010

a bountiful harvest coming to a library near you

It was terrific to see another great initiative from the Community Harvest Project in Yarra Ranges.

The group launched a set of DVDs available for loan from Eastern Regional Library branches at Belgrave, Lilydale and Healesville.

The Community Harvest Project invested $1,500 received via a Shire of Yarra Ranges Community Development Grant to provide information to Yarra Ranges residents on food-related issues associated with climate change, peak oil and other issues.

Me, pictured with ERL CEO, Joseph Cullen and Community Harvest mover and shaker Michelle Jones.

Designed as a self-paced learning program which in time will work in conjunction with materials available on the Community Harvest website, the DVDs will be an easy way for people to learn about the issues and gain food-related skills to help build resilience in our community.

The DVD sets will include a number of commercially available DVDs in three distinct areas:

1. Issues - includes the highly acclaimed documentary Home - detailing the effects of climate change and Crude Impact - detailing the effects of peak oil.

2. Models for Change - include Permaculture Principles by David Holmgren, Gourmet Farmer, the Transition Towns and How Cuba Survived Peak Oil .

3. Re-Skilling - includes videos on cheese making, preserving food, vegetarian cooking, growing food and much more.

It is a great initiative, well worth supporting, if you’d like to know more visit your local Belgrave, Lilydale and Healesville library.

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