Tuesday, March 01, 2011

burrinja booming along

Anyone driving past Burrinja will notice a significant change to the site, with works on the new Performing Arts Centre rocketing along.

It was terrific to see comedians Monica Dullard and Dave O'Neill at the Burrinja Cafe this past weekend. It's important to retain a functioning arts venue whilst this major construction is underway.

Still in operation through the building works is the Burrinja Gallery and Cafe so the community can still be treated to wonderful art exhibitions and live performances throughout the construction process.

Still on track to finish in July, the new performing arts centre will provide a wonderful space for the performing arts. The new theatre will be used by regional schools, professional and community theatre, music groups and children's theatre, for performances, rehearsals, workshops, dance, arts, youth arts activities, the list is endless. It also has capacity to be used for seminars and presentations.

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