Monday, February 28, 2011

tecoma teen takes tertiary scholarship

It was wonderful to join the celebration of the Ranges Community Health, Eastern Ranges GP Association and the Shire of Yarra Ranges Tertiary Health Scholarships 2011.

The scholarships, in their sixth year, provide an opportunity to invest in the health of our future, with scholarships awarded to students from Yarra Ranges who train in the health sector. It is hoped that scholarship recipients will go on to practice their skills in the Yarra Ranges and provide ongoing and lasting benefits to our community.

It was terrific to learn that local Lyster Ward resident Mahalia Lehmann from Tecoma was the winner of the major scholarship award, $3,000 sponsored by Eastern Ranges GP Association.

Mahalia couldn't be there to accept her scholarship as she was away training on a medicamp, so her Mum, Amy Carroll was there to accept the scholarship along with Mahalia's sisters, Saskia, Izzy and Cat.

Mahalia was Dux of Mater Christi College last year and this scholarship is a worthy recognition of her skill and dedication to learning. Mahalia is undertaking a Bachelor of Medicine, with a text book list of 48 books, the scholarship will go a long way to helping Mahalia with her studies.

Other scholarship recipients include:
Kerryn Rhodes from Monbulk studying Nursing, $3,000 Major Award sponsored by Ranges Community Health.

Samuel Rogers from Olinda studying Biomedical Science, $1,000 encouragement award sponsored by the Shire of Yarra Ranges.
Conor Marshall who want to be a Paramedic is studying Emergency Health, $1,000 encouragement award sponsored by Ranges Community Health.

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