Sunday, June 05, 2011

say yes to climate action - 10,000 in melbourne

How terrific to see 10,000 people come out to Say Yes to Climate Action in Melbourne on World Environment Day, 2011.

It is always good to catch up with fellow Greens and there were plenty there. Here I am, pictured with long time Greens members Karin Geradts and Janet Rice.

It was wonderful to meet up with many Yarra Ranges residents who'd travelled to the rally to Say Yes.
Rupert has good reason to Say Yes to climate action, living in a coastal region he's concerned about the sea level rise predictions.

The Greens were in full swing Saying Yes, pictured here are dedicated party members with Greens MLC, Sue Pennicuik and myself.

These long time Yarra Ranges residents have cared for our precious forest environment, of course they'd like to see a halt to logging as part of action on Climate Change.

And more Yarra Ranges residents Saying Yes, it was good to see we had such a strong contingent of committed community members who want to see action on climate change.

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