Saturday, February 25, 2012

sherbrooke forest fun at lillydale lake

I had a terrific day with the Sherbrooke Forest District Scouts Founders Day at Lillydale Lake. An annual event, it gives young people from the hills the opportunity to experience a range of water events.

I had a great time exploring Lillydale Lake and the Olinda Creek with help from Phil, Leader with the Monbulk Group.

Particpants were treated to a range of activities including the water cannon, canoeing, balancing on the inflatable pier. The day included the rafting competition, fondly named "Slaughter on the Water".

Part of my official duties including handing out certificates of service to Leaders. It's terrific to be able to acknowledge the help of these committed volunteers.

Once again it was a great day out, the Sherbrooke Forest District has 11 scout groups and their participation rate across the hills is growing. I'm always impressed by their dedication to young people, providing them with opportunities to experience many things whilst building their life skills.

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