Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mcdonalds appeal - just when you thought it was over

From the community meeting held in May 2011.
Just when you thought the hearing was done and dusted there's still more to comment on.

McDonalds suggested a set of draft conditions to deal with issues around the managment of the carriageway easements, car parking, signage and traffic management both on their land and off their land. They were also asked by the tribunal to provide drawings to show how the 'feathering' and 'corkscrewing' of the ramp up to the disabled car park would work and integrate with the grade of the driveway.

These draft conditions and drawings ended up being delivered to all parties on the 6 September. After studying the submitted information the community will highlight to tribunal members that there is still no plan or drawing showing proposed speed control devices, directions signage, car parking information and restrictions including any signs designating car parking areas for particular premises between identified times and there is still no provision for pedestrian safety and management.

In relation to the 'sketch' submitted it was found that there's a lack of scale to enable proper assessment of the changes in gradients on the site, and clearly specified relative levels have weren't provided on the sketch. There's no cross section provided at the critical interface between the parking bay and the driveway to properly demonstrate and assess “feathering” or “corkscrewing”.

There is no explanation as to how mobility aids, unloading devices or ramps can be used safely on an uneven, tilted “feathered” or “corkscrewed” surface of the disabled car park and there is no explanation as to why this car parking space is now referred to as an “Accessible Parking Bay”, so we'll be asking where's the location of the required Disabled Carpark.
A lot of the draft conditions are predicated on the consent of other land owners and there's been no evidence to suggest that this will be forthcoming, yet another example of this flawed application on a constrained site.
As part of what is hoped to be the final submission we're asking the tribunal to draw a line underneath the list of material provided by the applicant and base its decision on the merits of what's been presented up to 6 September.
I'll be sure to keep you posted with any updates as they come.

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At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work!

At 2:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very tattie I think they are in a bit of a mess,trying to fix up blotched up plans all the time!!!they haved been overwelmed by the cross questioning and the consistancy of everyone discovering mistakes.Ha ha and the Malvern mc didnt get go ahead 24/7 hours!!!either!!heres hoping


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