Thursday, October 04, 2012

container deposit takes a step up

I was delighted to learn that COAG has decided to progress a Decision Regulatory Impact Statement to consider the introduction of a Container Deposit System (CDS). I have long advocated for Container Deposit Legislation (CDL) through both the state and federal governments. Yarra Ranges Council first supported  CDL in February, 2008.

The Decision Regulatory Impact Statement will explore the benefits of a CDS, long championed in Yarra Ranges. At the moment it is ratepayers and our volunteers who bear the brunt and cost of litter created by people discarding their beverage containers into our environment. A CDS would see a value put on this rubbish and also provide opportunities for community groups to earn an income from other people’s rubbish.

I hope that the Decision Regulatory Impact Statement process includes proper public consultation and a full and transparent submission process. For too long we have waited for a CDS, something that’s been in place for decades in South Australia. It would certainly make Yarra Ranges roadsides and waterways much cleaner.

For more information and background on Container Deposit support:
message in a bottle - june 2012
presentation to standing committee on environment and planning legislation committee - november 2011
submission supporting the environment protection amendment bill - october 2011
submission management of australia's waste streams to senate standing committee on environment - july 2008

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At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Dumpster Rental NYC said...

Recycling and correct garbage disposal is the only thing that will save the Earth one day... We are running out of resources as our population expands, we'll need and use more and more. Its a vicious cycle.

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