Friday, October 05, 2012

let me keep working for you

It’s been my privilege to serve the people of the Lyster Ward in the Yarra Ranges as your current councillor.

Living in the Dandenongs comes with its challenges and as a resident for over 20 years I’m familiar with the issues we face.

I’ve worked hard to win funding for our community, major projects like the Sherbrooke Family and Children’s Centre and the Monbulk Pool redevelopment and the myriad of smaller projects that improve community assets and liveability for all of us.

I’m a strong and successful voice for improved public transport, weed eradication, investment in the early years, better library services, economic development, responding to climate change, with a sensible and pragmatic approach to environmental management.

But there’s more work that needs to be done and I want to keep working for you. I’m keen to build on my achievements and continue to encourage appropriate development for the hills.

I offer sensible, balanced decision making and stand for transparent, hard working, cooperative grass roots democracy.

If you’d like to help my campaign you can donate here. All donations cheerfully received and are tax deductible.

Ballot papers will be in your letterbox soon, so I ask for your vote to let me keep working for you.

authorised by S Dunn, 1/377 Lt Bourke St, Melbourne 3000

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