Thursday, November 15, 2012

appeal attempt fails

report from the roundtable - 13 nov

At this week's meeting I once again raised the issue of a Supreme Court appeal in relation to the VCAT decision on the Tecoma McDonalds application, it was in response to countless community requests for the new council to consider the matter. 

On the night around 50 community members attended the meeting.

The motion: 

That council:
1.    Seek leave to lodge a Supreme Court appeal out of time to enable a challenge of the VCAT decision in relation to P3933/2011 McDonalds v Yarra Ranges Shire Council and others.
2.    If successful, lodge a Supreme Court appeal to challenge the VCAT decision in relation to P3933/2011 McDonalds v Yarra Ranges Shire Council and others.

First I had to seek leave of council to hear the motion, which I'm pleased to say they did, as at the very least it would give the community some certainty and not string the issue out any longer than needed.

I argued my case, along similar grounds to what I had with the previous council at our meeting on 23 October (see blog).

This council looked upon the motion less favourably than the last, with the vote 2 in favour (Cr's Dunn & Cliff) and 7 against (Cr's Child, Cox, Avery, McAllister, Witlox, Callanan & McCarthy).

I have become concerned about the the divisive nature of community sentiment around this issue. I would ask everyone to maintain peaceful protest and respectful dialogue. It is concerning to speak to people being afraid to speak their minds for fear of being derided in public. This is not what the Dandenong Ranges community is about. Everyone has different views, some are vehemently opposed, some pro the development, others not fussed one way or the other, what's important to remember is we are all entitled to our views no matter what they are.

Even more important we need to respect each other's views regardless of what they are. I would ask that no matter what your view, be respectful, our strength as a community is in our unity not in our division. 

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