Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fire readiness kicks off

The Yarra Ranges Annual Fire Readiness Program details Council's range of activities to mitigate the risk of bushfire on private property and land under its management. These activities include:
  • Roadside slashing
  • Fire Hazard Inspections – Private property
  • Bushland Reserve fire management
  • Fire Access Road maintenance
  • Water Tank installation and Maintenance.
The Program is reviewed and updated annually with new initiatives and changes included. This year's program is allocated $1.5million.

This year Council's Action Plan for preparedness for the coming fire season includes:

  • Community Education
  • Updating Emergency Management and Fire Readiness Plans
  • Install and maintaining new emergency vehicle access tracks and water tanks for the CFA
  • Working with the CFA to identify Neighbourhood Safer Places
  • Working directly with the State Government on the Refuge (Shelter) Policy
  • Additional staff to act as municipal fire prevention officers to inspect properties
  • Promoting greater fire awareness
It's important to commence your fire preparedness if you live in a fire prone area. If you'd like to know more you can check out the Shire's Getting Fire Ready page or the CFA website.

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