Sunday, November 25, 2012

belgrave alive at the end of the line

Congratulations to organisers of the End of the Line Festival. Belgrave was jam packed with artists, events and all sorts of creative happenings as part of the festival.
CJ Baxter, Cr Samantha Dunn and Brent Dakis.
I was pleased to be able to provide funding from
my community ward fund to the EOTL festival.
Thousands flocked to Belgrave for a great event.
CJ Baxter and Brent Dakis of Limerence and Josh Collings, local artist, the driving force behind the End of the Line Festival, put together the most amazing program of events and the town was pumping from 10am till late into the night.
The Cameo Outdoor Cinema proved to be a very
popular live music space for the festival.
The festival featured over 40 musicians, had 18 different performance and exhibition spaces, some in places you might not ordinarily visit in Belgrave.

This mural, created by Glenn Scolyer, was painted 
whilst the festival was underway - it looks great!
The festival was a fantastic celebration of all things creative in the hills. People flocked to enjoy the everything that Belgrave and our artistic community has to offer. It was a great example of traders, community and local government working together.
Myself, Tiffaney Bishop and some of the collective
artists at Belgrave's newest public art space.
It was great to be part of it and officially launch the Belgrave Bins project. For a very long time I've been keen to see the wheelie bins that line Blacksmith's Way turned into a feature, rather than the eyesore they've been for many years. With the assistance of the Tiffaney Bishop Collective, a collective of young artists who operate out of Belgrave, the bins now feature works which will change over time so there's always some new and interesting public art to see.

It's Belgrave's newest public art space and I'm very thankful to Tiffaney Bishop, the collective of artists, the Belgrave traders and our Manager of Waste, who have all been very supportive of the project. The bins look great and are well worth a visit.
A myriad of events continued into the evening and the town was bustling with activity, it was terrific and I thank CJ, Brent and all the volunteers and businesses who supported them and the End of the Line festival. The bar's been set high for next year's festival, I can't wait!

This sand sculpture was created by Kallista local, Natasha.
The kids played in the sand whilst Natasha set about
creating this sculpture during the festival. At the same time
the Selby First Scouts did a roaring trade on the
sausage sizzle.
This space at the rear of India Gate was transformed
into street art and dance party.

Artist Glenn Scolyer donated his time to create this
fantastic mural on the Safeway wall, one of the gateways
to Belgrave.
Even Belgrave's Cherry Trees were
part of the festival action, this one
sporting some yarn bombing.

Me and Glenn Scolyer, Glenn's done a lot of work
with murals across the Shire, but this is his first
local piece and it looks great.

Night time saw this spoken word venue created
downstairs at Chocolate Sensation. Isha Molloy
captivating the audience with her pieces.

Belgrave's live music venues were part of EOTL too.
Local artist Ben Kelly played Oscar's Alehouse, Steve
Davies joined in with drums and digeridoo. It was a
great way to finish a big day in Belgrave.

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At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Heike said...

So there's going to be a festival next year too? An ongoing thing like this would be just brilliant. I was amazed as to how much effort had gone into this - and Belgrave - wow, what a great place to live.


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