Sunday, November 11, 2012

southern dandenongs landcare click over another year

It was terrific to be invited to chair the fifth Annual General Meeting of the Southern Dandenongs Landcare Group (SDLG) at Selby Community House.

From left to right: Vicki Boyle, President of the Southern
Dandenongs Landcare Group, Cr Samantha Dunn,
Lyster Ward and Betty Marsden AO, President of the
Save the Dandenongs League
I am always impressed by the breadth of activities this group undertakes, there's no doubt they are committed and passionate when it comes to improving our local environment and raising awareness about environmental issues.

In the past year the SDLG have been involved in so many activities. There are some key annual events the group are committed to including Awesome Ornithorhynkids day at Belgrave Lake, Mini Beast Festival at Birdsland and Selbyfest.

Other activites throughout the year include a regular and highly successful stall at the monthly Kallista Market, a partnership with the Belgrave Traders Association and the Weedbuster Day which will be once again supported in 2013 for a month by the traders. In good news to hand the owner of Jorgies (now Earthly Pleasures Cafe) has agreed to have the ivy removed from the building, ivy is one of Yarra Ranges worst weeds, ranked the number 2 worst environmental weed.

There's been support with the Southern Ranges Environmental Alliance, the newly forming CWAD, numerous Friends of Groups, the list is extensive and this report is in no way complete.

It was also terrific to hear from guest speaker Betty Marsden AO, former Shire of Sherbrooke Councillor and current President of the Save the Dandenongs League, talk about the history and activities of the League. Betty is an inspiration and living legend and gave great insights into the many battles the conservation movement in the hills has undertaken since the League was established in 1950.

I congratulate all involved with SDLG and thank you for the extensive volunteer hours you contribute to improving our environment, it is well and truly appreciated.

I'm pleased to report the new committee for 2012/13:
President - Vicki Boyle
Vice President - Darcy Duggan
Secretary - Anne Elizabeth
Treasurer - Mike Clarke
General Members:
Leslie Wilson
James Fraser

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