Tuesday, January 29, 2013

survival day 2013

I've been proud to be able to support Survival
Day since it's inception in 2008.
I was pleased to be able to be part of the 6th Survival Day in Belgrave, an event held to celebrate the survival of indigenous culture.

Yarra Ranges Council is proud to support this event through the festival and events community grants program and also through my community ward fund.

We are also proud to support our indigenous community through the ongoing employment of an Indigenous Community Development Officer and supporting our Indigenous Advisory Committee.

Aunty Dot Peters has long supported Survival Day,
it was terrific to see her make the journey from Healesville
for this year's event.
Our Indigenous Advisory Committee did a review late last year, thinking about our achievements over the past few years. Council has been a leader in this area as far as Local Government goes. Some of the success stories include:
  • The Healesville Cultural Strengthening Project and the Choir and HipHop Programs
  • The Olinda Creek Weed Control Indigenous Employment Project
  • A Youth Forum
  • Yarra Ranges first Reconciliation Strategy and Action Plan which is now being updated
  • Developing partnerships and relationships with other organisations doing great projects
  • Working with state government to provide local knowledge and advocacy on behalf of Yarra Ranges Indigenous community 

Jordan Crook is one of the organisers of Survival
Day, great to see such passion for raising community
awareness of Indigenous issues.

Council’s commitment to the Indigenous communities of Yarra Ranges is on show right now with the draft Reconciliation Policy and Action Plan, its worth a look and we’d be keen to hear your thoughts, click here for more information.
Uncle Bill Nicholson did the Welcome to Country

The Reconciliation Policy and Action Plan policy includes:
  • Honouring our Elders and their place in our community
  • Continuing to seek the advice of the Indigenous Advisory Committee on key matters
  • Consider Indigenous perspectives, values and issues across all aspects of Council’s work to promote access, inclusion and respect
  • Taking a leadership role in education processes to enhance our organisation and community understanding a an awareness of Indigenous heritage, as well as the needs of our Indigenous communities
  • And encouraging participation and improving access to services, facilities and programs of Indigenous residents, such as health, employment and education.
Uncle Joey started the day with some Didgeridoo
Yarra Ranges Council is active, leading and walking with you on the journey of Reconciliation.

From little things big things have grown. Back in October, 2007 I received an email from local Natalie Walker asking for ward funding to fund a new community event Survival Day. I was pleased to be able to provide the $750 towards the very first Survival Day, 5 Survival Days on, I’m pleased to be able to continue that support today with $2,500 from my community ward fund and a $7,500 community grant from the Yarra Ranges Council. I look forward to the other tiers of government putting in similar contributions into the future.

I congratulate the organising committee, once again you’ve done a terrific job in ensuring that locally we don’t forget our Indigenous history and continue to celebrate Indigenous culture. 

Lady Lash entertained onlookers with some
hip hop

Uncle Joey kicked things off with meditation to the Didge

Aunty Dot demonstrated basket weaving at her workshop

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